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Visit an extraordinary farmed animal rescue in Saugerties, New York, where you'll meet the sweetest pigs, goats, horses, cows and more- including the friendliest turkey ever.

We visited the sanctuary in mid-April, and everyone was excited for the perfect weather, including the animals. Our tour guide Kaden took us through the grounds to introduce us to everyone. The tour was incredibly informative about what these animals' lives were like before they came to the sanctuary, and how they live now. Kaden made sure the animals were as comfortable around us as we were around them. The animals who were the most social came up close, and we were encouraged to pet them.

Catskill Animal Sanctuary rescues farmed animals from cruelty and abandonment and allows hundreds of these animals to live safely and free of human exploitation on their almost 150-acre property. More than four thousand animals have been rescued since 2001.

The personalities of the animals flourished as we walked through barns and pastures. Some were curious, and some were content basking in the sun.

The sanctuary promotes veganism with a supportive and educational culinary program. They encourage plant-based diets and sustainable eating as the best way to combat institutional factory farms and the damaging effects they have on animals and the planet.

The sanctuary is open to the public for weekend tours April through November, and year-round to members and guests of the Homestead- and old farmhouse built in 1813, which they offer to members for overnight stays. You can become a member of the Catskill Animal Sanctuary here. You can also sponsor an animal to help with the cost of food, bedding, and care.

Our tour ended with Tucker, the sweetest steer rescued in 2007. The entire property and all of the animals were beautiful, and the tour was fun and educational. We love what they do and can't wait to come back.


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