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Gillette Castle State Park in East Haddam, CT sits on the Connecticut River about fifteen miles north of Long Island Sound.

The unique castle was once the home to actor William Gillette, best known for portraying Sherlock Holmes. The home was completed in 1919, and was purchased by the State of Connecticut in 1943.

There are many trails throughout the grounds. Look for the remains of Gillette's three mile long railroad, and check out the banks of the Connecticut River. The home has many great architectural details inside, including secret doorways and intricate woodwork.

Take the tour to learn many great facts about the estate. Gillette was a cat person, had an amazing collection of sea-scapes, and was really into secret doors.

Nearby Devil's Hopyard State Park has more beautiful trails and an awesome waterfall. Stop at Fox Farm Brewery in Salem, CT after exploring. Their dairy barn-turned-taproom and adjacent lawn are beautiful and their farmhouse ale is refreshing.


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