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Climb one of our favorite towers, located in Pine Plains, New York. 30 feet taller than the other fire towers in the area, Stissing Fire Tower gets you to almost 90 feet above the top of the mountain. The cab at the top gives you amazing views of both the Catskills and the Berkshires.

The mountainside has a steady incline, so it can feel like a steep hike, but the trail up is short. The whole loop is under two miles long, so you can get to the top quickly if you'd like.

The tower is sturdy and well maintained, so despite the extra height, we felt secure while taking in the sweeping views.

Overall, the hike was invigorating and completely worth the views from the top of the tower. The tower is just east of Rhinebeck, New York, so you could easily head over to another favorite fire tower in Ferncliff Forest for one more easy hike to round out the day.


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