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Two climbs, both with amazing views of the lake.

Lake George is an iconic lake nestled amidst the Adirondack Mountains. It's deep, clear and long- 32 miles from the northern tip to the southern tip- and you can cover a lot of ground on a trip to the lake. In just under twenty-four hours we hiked two trails on the eastern side of the lake, and went for a swim in between.

Both Black Mountain and Buck Mountain summits give amazing views of Lake George and the rolling mountains around it. The day started grey and rainy. The layers of mountains looked amazing as the fog lifted and cleared. On both trails we came across many salamanders and interesting mushrooms.

Buck Mountain Trail on Pilot Knob is a tougher climb on a slightly shorter overall hike, with equally exceptional views of the lake and rolling mountains. 

The Black Mountain Loop Trail will get you to the highest peak in Washington County, New York, by way of a pretty subtle climb- only the last half-mile to the summit gets a little steep and rocky. You'll hit a defunct fire tower and also a great rock ledge looking over the lake.


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